In the development of Saxons highly successful BMW 135D we have used the Bosch MS15.2 ECU and have become adept at mapping diesel engines using this state of the art ECU. Together with our in-house rolling road Saxon are now able, possibly uniquely in the UK, to offer mapping of diesel engines using the Bosch system.

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Saxon Motorsport test HVO renewable diesel

Neste Oil- manufacturers of premium-quality NExBTL renewable fuel, the most advanced diesel on the market today – have invited Saxon Motorsport to test their latest HVO product.

Neste Oil is the world’s leading supplier of renewable diesel and a global pioneer in renewable aviation fuels. For the past two years they have been focusing their considerable efforts to perfecting their product for use in competition diesel car engines. As part of their development testing program they have been competing in the ”alternative fuels” class VLN endurance events at the Nurburgring. This has resulted in a proposal to run a specific championship for cars fuelled by their HVO renewable diesel fuel.

Saxon will be involved in running test samples of this new fuel on our in-house rolling road over the winter in preparation for the proposed launch of this new championship class next spring. We are looking forward being part of a highly competitive class with environmentally green credentials in which we can continue to prove our expertise in diesel technology.

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