Saxons rolling road

Saxon - Rolling Road

Saxon Motorsport has a 2 wheel drive rolling road available for hire in Hereford.

It can handle up to 900 BHP and 200 MPH.

It utilises a large single roller for maximum adhesion and minimum wheelspin. The unique way the vehicles are tied down together with the specially knurled roller ensures maximum grip even for very high powered cars.

The large eddy current retarder allows a vehicle to be held at constant speed for sustained periods of time to allow for accurate engine mapping.

We have Wide Band Lambda measurement of Fuel/Air ratio to ensure the correct mixture for your vehicle.

Our state of the art software provides excellent repeatability and is able to measure losses through transmission, tyres etc. and calculate horse power figures at the flywheel.

The data is displayed on a large 42” flat screen for ease of monitoring by the operator. All results can then be printed on to paper for the customer to keep.

We have considerable experience in mapping diesel, petrol and also diesel/LPG hybrid engines and are adept at using the latest state of the art ECU’s and technology.  We are familiar with Bosch, Omex, Emerald and many others.

We are also highly proficient in setting up cars employing more traditional engine formats such as historic and classic cars, Autograss or Rally cars utilising carburettors and throttle bodies.

If you just want a power run to see what BHP your road car is producing or if you have a racing car that needs a full re-map, whatever your particular set-up, we can help.


£90 plus vat for the first hour and every subsequent hour at £80 plus vat.

The rolling road in actionSaxons rolling road underway

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